Remote Tower Services

LFV's prize-winning concept for remote tower services means that airports can significantly decrease their costs for Air Traffic Services. By deploying Remote Tower Services, RTS, one or nu­merous Air Traffic Control towers can be operated from another location irrespective of distance. The result is an airport which can offer more flexible air traffic services "on demand" and versatile opening hours to meet cus­tomer requirements.

On June 1st 2021 LFV commissioned the new remote tower centre, RTC Stockholm, for remote air-traffic control at some of Swedavia’s airports. The first airport to be connected to the centre was Kiruna Airport.
On December 1st 2021 Åre Östersund Airport was the second airport to be connected to RTC Stockholm. Before the end of year 2022 two more airports will be connected - Umeå Airport and Malmö Airport.