LFV subsidiary to provide air traffic management for Sweden's new airport in Sälen

Today is the inauguration of Sweden's first new airport in 20 years, Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sälen. It will make Sweden's biggest skiing region more easily accessible for Swedish and foreign skiing tourists. SDATS, a joint venture by LFV and Saab, will supply remote tower services, RTS, to the airport. [2019-12-21]

LFV is helping develop the future of airport services in Örnsköldsvik

At Örnsköldsvik Airport LFV and its partners have established a research environment for the development of autonomous and remotely controlled airports. On Thursday the initial results of this collaboration were presented to a wider audience.

LFV and Eltel signs a Letter of Intent

LFV, Air Navigation Services of Sweden, and Eltel have signed a Letter of Intent with intention to aquire Eltel's Swedish business area Aviation and Security. In the Letter of Intent, both parties agree to have a final agreement to be signed during first quarter 2020. [2019-06-27]

First remotely controlled landing at Linköping/Saab Airport

Today, on April 30, the first aircraft to use remote air traffic control landed at Linköping/Saab Airport. This makes it the third Swedish airport to adopt this technology, and it will soon be fully operational for remote air traffic control.
"The approach and landing were remotely controlled by the air traffic controllers at the tower in Sundsvall, and at 10.00 the plane's wheels hit the tarmac. At 11.30 the first scheduled flight, a KLM from Amsterdam landed," says Per Kjellander, head of operations at LFV. [2019-04-30]

LFV and Örnsköldsvik Airport are developing the airports of the future

A new international testing and demonstration centre for remotely controlled and autonomous airports is being established at Örnsköldsvik Airport. The centre will serve as a forum for actors in the aviation business and stakeholders from industry, academia, regulatory authorities, and the region. [2019-02-01]

Record number of aircraft movements in Swedish airspace in 2018

2018 became a new record year in Swedish airspace with 785,000 movements. This is an increase in traffic of three per cent compared to 2017. Air traffic crossing Swedish airspace without starting or landing in Sweden accounts for the large increase. [2019-01-18]