LFV News no 4

Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider LFV has been commissioned by the Swedish Government to propose how the airspace below 2900 meters should be designed to create better conditions for more environmentally friendly flights to Swedish airports. SDATS, a company owned by Saab and LFV, has been selected for a long-term framework agreement by skeyes, the Air Traffic Control organisation of Belgium, for their Digital Tower programme.
>> LFV News no 4 2021.

LFV News no 3

On Tuesday June 1st LFV commissioned the new remote tower centre, RTC Stockholm, for remote air-traffic control at some of Swedavia’s airports. The first airport to be connected to the centre was Kiruna Airport.
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LFV News no 2

LFV News no 1

The civil air traffic in Swedish airspace decreased by 57 percent in 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic. The number of flights last year was 332,000, compared with 774,000 in 2019. As of 15 February, LFV provides new technical services to air navigation service providers in Iceland (Isavia) and Denmark (Naviair). These services streamline their production of flight information and are the result of a successful Nordic collaboration.
>> LFV News no 1 2021.