Prestigious assignment for LFV's Chief Technical Director

Published: 18 June 2020 15:15

LFV's Chief Technical Director, Ulf Thibblin, has been appointed chairman of a brand new European group that will work to speed up the new technological changes to have a positive effect on the European aviation industry. For LFV, this means an expanded network and opportunities to participate in and influence future technological developments within European aviation.

- It's very positive that Ulf Thibblin was elected chair of this new international expert group. I also consider it as an acknowledgement for LFV as a leading player among the European ANSPs, says Ann Persson Grivas, Director General of LFV. I am fully convinced that Ulf will lead the group with great success

At the initiative of Eurocontrol / Network Manager (NM) and due to an increased focus on the technical infrastructure, the new group NDTECH (Network Directors of Technologies) was formed.

The group will discuss and coordinate technical activities within the mandate of the NM with the goal that the technical changes will have a positive effect more quickly for different stakeholders.

The group consists of representatives from ANSPs, airlines, airports, military and various interest organizations and, including observers from, among others, SESAR and the European Commission, amounts to about 80 persons.

NDTECH had its first meeting in May and Ulf Thibblin, CTO LFV, was appointed chairman for a period of two years. Joerg Pikolin, Head of ATM Development Flight Operations Group Airlines, Lufthansa Group and Lt Col Raymond Martin, Vice-Chair of the MAB (military part of ECTL) were appointed as Vice Chairman. As a support, NM contributes with a secretariat. Terms of Reference are agreed and a program is defined at a high level and will be further developed at a workshop in September together with the operational group within ECTL.