Potential termination of 500 employees at LFV

Published: 16 April 2020 12:32

LFV is presently in a challenging financial situation with a large loss of revenues due to the dramatic loss of flights in our airspace. The air traffic is down with about 90 %. In the present situation in accordance with Swedish labor legislation we have to communicate a “notice of potential termination of employment” to our employees and to certain authorities.

The notice will concern about 500 employees of approximately 1100 employees. In Sweden this is done to prepare all relevant parties that the present situation can require that a number of employees, up to 500 in this case, might be dismissed from their employment. It is the start of a well-defined process where we at the end will have a more detailed understanding of the final number of employees we might have to lay off.

In parallel we are discussing with our board and owner, the Ministry of infrastructure, potential solutions to our financial situation. Our ambition is to minimize the number of employees that we might have to lay off.