Decline in air traffic in 2019

Published: 28 February 2020 11:11

In 2019 air traffic in Swedish airspace declined for the first time since 2012. The number of aircraft movements was 774,000. These figures are included in LFV’s 2019 annual report.

"There may be several concurrent explanations for this reduction in traffic, including an economic slowdown, the weak Swedish crown, and environmental and sustainability issues," says Ann Persson Grivas, Director General of LFV.

LFV had a turnover of SEK 3.1 billion in 2019, and the result after financial items was SEK -40 million.
Over the past five years, LFV has gradually reduced the charges that airlines pay for air traffic control services. In 2015 the charge per flown route was 66 euros, and by 2019 it had been reduced to 51 euros, meaning that Sweden has the fifth-lowest charges in Western Europe.
"Over the last few years we have maintained a continuous focus on increasing efficiency," says Ann Persson Grivas.

In 2015 the government instructed LFV and other monitoring authorities, along with regions and municipalities, to resume total defence planning.
"LFV is working long-term for a resumed and enhanced total defence capability. LFV's mission to provide safe and efficient air traffic control services applies under all contingencies. This is a priority for LFV and very important for Sweden," says Ann Persson Grivas.