Changed board assignments for Ann Persson Grivas

Published: 09 November 2020 11:21

This autumn, there will be changes in the chairmanships of Director General Ann Persson Grivas.

At the last board meeting at Entry Point North (EPN), held on October 20th, Ann Persson Grivas left the position as vice chairman to become chairman.

In the ANSP alliance Borealis, the same thing happened on November 1st, while Ann Persson Grivas on November 24-25th leaves the position as chairman of COOPANS when Peter Kearney, CEO of the Irish air navigation service IAA will take over the chairmanship. COOPANS is a collaboration between six air navigation service providers in technology development.

"All three organisations are important players in the aviation industry based on their respective missions. It will be fun and challenging to take over the presidency of EPN and Borealis and for COOPANS I wish Peter Kearney good luck as chairman, says Ann Persson Grivas, Director General at LFV.