21 December 2020 11:39

LFV withdraws notice but the situation remains serious

LFV withdraws the notice of 500 posts placed in April this year, but the situation remains serious. The picture of the financial conditions is somewhat clearer now than this spring and such a comprehensive notice is therefore no longer justified, but the business will show large deficits in the coming years and therefore a new notice m... Read more

16 November 2020 10:44

LFV and IBM investigate the use of Artificial Intelligence for Swedish air traffic control

In the joint research project Advanced Autoplanner, LFV and IBM are investigating the possibility of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for increased automation of more complex tasks in air traffic control. Read more

10 November 2020 08:29

Autonomous drone flying is demonstrated between two Swedish citites in a European program

The Swedish Air Navigation Services Provider LFV, Linköping University (LiU) and Independent Business Group (IBG) will plan and conduct a flight with a larger drone between two Swedish cities. The test flight is scheduled for quarter 3, in 2022 and is part of a major European effort to demonstrate the societal benefits of drone service... Read more

09 November 2020 11:21

Changed board assignments for Ann Persson Grivas

This autumn, there will be changes in the chairmanships of Director General Ann Persson Grivas. Read more

18 June 2020 15:15

Prestigious assignment for LFV's Chief Technical Director

LFV's Chief Technical Director, Ulf Thibblin, has been appointed chairman of a brand new European group that will work to speed up the new technological changes to have a positive effect on the European aviation industry. For LFV, this means an expanded network and opportunities to participate in and influence future technological deve... Read more

17 June 2020 09:11

Research project with electric aircraft and drones for a prosperous countryside

The EDIS research project - electric aircraft and drones in the service of the community - will show the possibilities of using drones and electric aircraft to improve the conditions for community service and transport in areas with large distances and limited access to critical social functions. The project is run by LFV, Katla Aero,... Read more