LFV creates smarter flows to airports

Published: 06 May 2019 16:00

By switching the gas and slowing down at the intersection of the road in order to finally cross the brakes at the red light, driving becomes jerky, with uncomfortable and unnecessary environmental impact. If one can instead plan the trip at the right time to the crossing, the result will be the opposite while the queue will reduce.

For the same, with a ground-based comparison, you can describe the project Arrival Management. In April, a validation was carried out with an associated Visitors Open Day in Malmö. Arrival Management is a SESAR project managed by COOPANS.
SESAR is an EU-driven program to streamline European air navigation service while COOPANS is an alliance of air navigation service providers in six countries: Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Croatia and Portugal.
Anna Jarnbring is an air traffic controller in LFV and participates in the project as an operational expert:
– With Arrival Management we create a smart queue system for the airport. The goal is to start working with the flow up to 200 nautical miles (370 km) outside the airport. Instead of getting a queue closer to the airport, we get a better flow without or with fewer delays. This also means lower fuel consumption and thus reduced emissions.
Validation carried out includes four airports: Arlanda, Bromma, Helsinki and Tallinn. Arrival Management is a solution for airports of this size and above.

Pedro Vicente Azua, LFV, is a leader of validation.
– For airports, the best queueing system has a great advantage as it gets higher accuracy at estimated arrival times and can therefore better dispose of the streets.
The project group's assessment is that it will be introduced gradually at the airports with a goal of being fully implemented in 2024.