21 December 2019 09:41

LFV subsidiary to provide air traffic management for Sweden’s new airport in Sälen

Today is the inauguration of Sweden’s first new airport in 20 years, Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sälen. It will make Sweden’s biggest skiing region more easily accessible for Swedish and foreign skiing tourists. SDATS, a joint venture by LFV and Saab, will supply remote tower services, RTS, to the airport. Read more

11 December 2019 15:56

SDATS Receives Order for Digital Towers in the Netherlands

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS) has signed a 20 year framework agreement with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) for remote tower systems. Read more

21 November 2019 13:00

LFV creates smart solutions for the aviation of the future

Automation in aviation and air traffic management can contribute to improved safety, efficiency and sustainability. LFV has, jointly with Linköping University, been conducting research as part of the Automation Program since 2015. On Tuesday, their results were shown to a wider audience in Stockholm. Read more

08 November 2019 10:05

LFV control centre for RTC soon to be completed

The building for LFV's new control centre for remote air traffic control, RTC Stockholm, is completed. Technology installations and other preparations are now underway in the world's largest control center for digital air traffic control. Read more

22 October 2019 10:15

First remotely controlled landing in Norway

Aviation history was made when the Remote Tower Centre in Bodø, Norway went “live” on the 19th of October. The Remote Tower Centre successfully guided its first commercial passenger flight to the Arctic airport of Røst in Norway. Read more

14 October 2019 15:38

Demonstration of tactical airspace delegation

On Wednesday, October 10, LFV and Naviair as representatives of COOPANS performed a technical demonstration of delegated air traffic management from Malmö to Copenhagen together with Thales. The event was executed within the framework of SESAR. Read more